Micron Quality

Micron quality means more than meeting customer expectations and requirements for our memory and storage solutions. It means delivering safe, reliable, and secure products that power technology everywhere. Our Micron team members care deeply about quality because we know that our customers depend on us, and we want to help enable the amazing innovations that will create the future for all of us.

Micron quality foundations

Sanjay Mehrotra

“World-class quality is paramount to our customers and a core expectation for our team. From maintaining quality certifications to stringent standards in our products and processes, I expect every team member to be passionate about doing things well, the right way.”

Sanjay Mehrotra
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay Mehotra

Manish Bhatia

“Quality is determined at the intersection of development and manufacturing. Deep collaboration with our customers is the central tenet of our philosophy. By understanding their needs, we can then align our development, manufacturing and quality teams’ efforts to provide products that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Manish Bhatia
Executive Vice President, Global Operations

Manish Bhatia

Hiro Fukuto

“A quality mindset is everyone’s responsibility. Best-in-class quality products require strong connectivity through quality management processes beginning at product concept, design, manufacturing, and post-sales support, effectively connecting each step, function and team member. This end-to-end approach provides a world-class customer experience, upholding and strengthening Micron’s brand.”

Hiro Fukuto
Corporate Vice President, Global Quality

Hiro Fukuto

Bill Lechten

“Quality in Micron is the result of a collective mindset that recognizes that every process, every action, every decision creates how people perceive the Micron brand. We are Micron quality.”

Bill Lechten
Senior Director, Quality Management Office

Ben Lechten photo

Mike Winkler

“This past year has been defined by an urgent need to adapt and evolve for emerging mobility trends, from electrification to connectivity and much more. All of our partners, but especially these award recipients, have been crucial in helping us navigate such changes and deliver for our customers — quickly, sustainably and with enhanced value.”

Mike Winkler
Vice President of the North America Purchasing Group at DENSO

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Diamond Supplier of the Year Award

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Steady increase in automotive customer satisfaction above 90%

Micron’s quality recognized as outstanding for collaboration, commitment and results.

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Best-in-Class culture of quality

A culture of quality is defined by how team members see, feel, hear, and transfer quality. We always seek to strengthen and improve our quality culture through building on our best-in-class quality mindset and evaluating our management systems, processes and procedures against best known methods. At Micron, we seek inspirational quality levels that define quality for the next generation.

Two co-workings looking over a screen, working together.

Developing a culture of quality is a journey of transformation

Following quality

Following quality means adhering to pre-defined requirements by customers and industry standards.

Two Micron manufactuing employees wearing cleansuits in a production environment

Living quality

Living quality is going beyond requirements to understand customer expectations and driving continuous improvement to meet or exceed those expectations.


Inspiring quality

Inspiring quality is driving improvement based on a proactive approach that uses benchmarking and best-known methods, empowering a mindset of zero defects.

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