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Explore the most complete portfolio of high-performance high-bandwidth memory products available — designed to accelerate next-gen graphics and gaming consoles, high-performance computing, AI systems, and professional visualization workstations.

Advantages of GDDR6X memory

High-bandwidth memory comparison


High-bandwidth memory GDDR6 GDDR6X  HBM2E 


AI Inference Accelerator 


AI Inference Accelerator 

AI Training Accelerator 
 Platform (Example) Titan RTX
RX5700 XT
GeForce® RTX™ 3090Ti
GeForce® RTX™ 3080Ti
 Number of Placements 12  12 5
 Gb/s/pin 14-16
 19-24 2.5-3.2
 GB/s/placement 56-64 76-96  388-408
 GB/s/system 672-768   912-1152 1555-2039
 Configuration (Example) 384 IO
(12pcs x 32 IO package)
 384 IO
(12pcs x 32 IO package)

 5120 IO
(5pcs x 1024 IO cube) 

 Frame Buffer of Typical System  12GB  24GB 40-80GB 
 Average Device Power (pJ/bit)  7.5  7.25 6.0 
 Typical IO Channel PCB
(P2P SM)
(P2P SM)
 Si Interposer
(2.5D integration)

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